About us


The Construction & Career Academy is a public charter high school established in September, 2002. The school has pathways for students to choose:

  • Construction Technology

  • Comprehensive High School

  • Credit Recovery

  • Post-Secondary College options

Graduation Requirements

Our Philosophy

We believe students have different learning styles and succeed best when they take ownership of their learning, are in a student-centered environment and make a genuine connection with an adult professional. We also believe that all learning styles can be nurtured through direct experience in the workplace. NEL/CPS provides a solid academic foundation while developing career training and authentic work experiences in order to prepare students interested in exploring post-secondary career opportunities in the construction industry, college options or other fields of interests.



The Construction & Career Academy provides pathways for students who want to  succeed in the classroom and to be prepared for the careers of tomorrow. 

The Academy  provides the following unique opportunities:

  • Construction Career Pathway 

  • Dual Enrollment with CCRI

  • Credit Recovery

  • Smaller Class Sizes

  • Career Guidance

  • Employment Preparation

  • School Community Atmosphere